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Are you looking for ways to increase your employee engagement in their healthcare resulting in lower costs, better outcomes, reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, and higher levels of employee satisfaction?

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*Our In-Person Services Yield Superior Results*

When your employees are facing a medical crisis, or are trying to deal with complex or chronic medical conditions, having an RN by their side guiding, supporting, and educating them, improves employee engagement in and knowledge of their healthcare, leading to improved outcomes, lower costs, and increased employee satisfaction. 

We live and have worked in the cities and counties we serve, providing us with first-hand experience and relationships with our hospitals, doctors, rehab facilities, and community resources. ​We can guide employees to the highest quality and lowest cost providers and resources in your plan's network.​​

Clinical Outcomes
Employee Engagement
Medical Costs

Employee Satisfaction

Depiction of the Health Continuum
*Instead of paying a pmpm, you only pay for services your employees actually need and receive*

Health Continuum


At Risk


Complex &

End of Life

  • Our biggest impact is with those employees or their dependents who are experiencing an acute event and with those who have high-cost complex or chronic conditions, although we can work with anyone, anywhere on the health continuum.

  • You can purchase blocks of hours based on your predicted annual needs.

  • We can seamlessly integrate with your current benefit plan.

  • We provide you with reports showing the impact of our interventions.

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