Helping You Navigate Your Healthcare

Are you or a loved one feeling anxious, scared, exhausted by or overwhelmed with:

  • a new diagnosis?

  • ongoing health challenges?

  • understanding all of the medical jargon?

  • coordinating healthcare appointments?

  • insurance and billing paperwork?

  • trying to care for loved ones, maybe from a distance?

We're Here For You

     Welcome to Proactive Health Advocates, LLC. We are Registered Nurse (RN) Private Health Advocates. We have experience helping individuals, families, and adults trying to care for their loved ones, whether nearby or far away, navigate our complex healthcare system. We understand the importance of having someone by your side that "speaks the language" and can translate complex medical explanations. We know how to coordinate your multiple health care providers and provide them with the information they need to help prevent unneeded or duplicate testing and procedures. We can help take some of the confusion and complexity out of our healthcare system, allowing you to focus on your health.

We Provide Peace of Mind

      Benefits of working with Proactive Health Advocates:

  • We can coordinate and schedule your healthcare appointments and facilitate the sharing of your medical information.

  • We can attend your medical appointments to ensure you have input into and understand the plan for your medical care.

  • We can research treatment options, research clinical trials, and support you in making treatment decisions.

  • We can keep your family informed and include them, as you wish, in your care.

  • We can organize the chaos of medical, insurance, and billing paperwork.

  • We can review your insurance benefits to help ensure you do not end up with surprise medical bills.

  • We can review your medical bills and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) for billing or coverage errors.

  • We can be there when you need us.

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P.O. Box 2119

Ashland, Virginia 23005


Serving Richmond, Hanover, Henrico, Chesterfield, Midlothian, Ashland, King William, Petersburg, Colonial Heights, New Kent Virginia and the Surrounding Areas

Proactive Health Advocates, LLC does not make medical, legal, accounting or financial decisions for clients. We do not provide medical care. If you need help with any of these services, please seek help from the appropriate professionals.

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