Proactive Health Advocates...

helping you navigate your care,

because nothing is more important than

Your Health

A Registered Nurse By Your Side

We provide in-person advocacy and healthcare navigation services.  If you are fighting a complex medical condition, have just received a new diagnosis, or are trying to navigate the care of a loved one, whether you live nearby or far away, having an experienced RN by your side can help ensure you receive the care you or your loved one deserve. Our RNs can ask those important medical questions you may not know or forget to ask and can translate complex medical explanations. We can present you with options for second opinions, when desired, and ensure that you have a voice in your care. We can schedule your appointments and coordinate your multiple health care providers, providing them with the information needed to prevent unnecessary or duplicate testing and procedures. We take the confusion and complexity out of our healthcare system,

allowing you to focus on YOU.

Click Here to Read Sample Success Stories

  • Client potential hospitalization averted when PHA coordinates essential services during Covid-19 Assisted Living Facility lockdown.

  • Client's daughter thanks PHA for "saving her mother's life"

  • Emergency Room Doctor thanks PHA for providing patient's medical records from another hospital, preventing duplicate testing and enabling faster diagnosis and treatment