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      Proactive Health Advocates:    We are personal Health/Patient Advocates that help you navigate our complex and confusing healthcare system. We are all Registered Nurses so we "speak clinical". We have worked in a variety of healthcare settings, understand the inside operations, and know who to talk to to get things done. We partner with you to make sure you understand your condition, are empowered to make informed decisions, are supported throughout your healthcare journey, and are relieved of some of the stress during these challenging times. We can provide you with Peace of Mind, knowing that you have an RN partner by your side.

Meet our Founder and CEO, Sherri Miller, BSN, RN, MBA

Sherri J Miller headshot 2022.jpg

 Sherri Miller, graduated from the University of Virginia School of Nursing in 1983. After working in Intensive Care Units in tertiary care hospitals, she returned to the University of Virginia to pursue her MBA from the Darden Graduate School of Business. Her long-standing career in healthcare includes not only direct patient care in a variety of settings, but also executive leadership positions in home health companies, multidisciplinary physician practices, hospitals/health systems, health insurance companies, consulting firms, and clinical integration networks. Throughout her career she has focused on building products and services that put the patient, the patient's family and the patient experience at the center of care while balancing the needs to provide the highest quality of care at the lowest cost. She has been an invited speaker at national conferences and a sought after subject matter expert on patient-centered care.

Friends and family members have always called Sherri to ask healthcare questions, joking it was great to have their own personal Registered Nurse to call on for guidance. One friend in particular kept saying she didn't know what she would have done without Sherri to call on and that she knew other people would benefit from having an RN advocate. Over the years, Sherri has seen individuals and families struggling to understand our healthcare system when they had no one to call on to answer questions, go with them to doctor's appointments, or advocate for them when they were in the hospital. Sherri decided her passion for helping others coupled with her extensive healthcare knowledge and background would benefit others, and in 2018 opened Proactive Health Advocates.

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