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We don't provide personal health advocacy services for the thanks and praise, but we certainly don't mind when we receive it. It is important to us to know we have had a positive impact, that we have helped people in what we know can be one of the most difficult times of their lives.

" Kudos to you for what you do and what you have done for this patient. If my parents are ever in this situation, I want you working with them."

-  Dr. W - Rehab Physician -

"Proactive Health and Sherri have been life savers for my family!  My father fell ill in November of 2019 and he kept going back and forth to the hospital and doctor and getting different diagnoses and never getting better.  He was having a hard time advocating for himself with the pain he was in. I am his only child who lives out of state and his wife (my mother) is bed bound and had to live at a nursing home while all this happened. I was struggling to figure out what to do.  The communication needed with the skilled nursing facility he was in was beyond what friends could do, what I could do over the phone. I spoke with Sherri and she asked detailed questions and I could tell was passionate about what she does.  Sherri talked to the people at the skilled nursing facility and helped to customize my father’s physical therapy and carefully monitored him.  When he was discharged to assisted living she advocated for him and went with him to see the doctor and get blood work done and reported back to me in detail what was going on at all times.  Sherri was with him every step of the way untangling a web of diagnoses. My dad is now looking at a whole new life thanks to Sherri and the VCU Health team and is happier than ever.  I cannot thank her enough or recommend her more highly.  I have been able to sleep at night with her on the case! I am so grateful to her and cannot recommend her enough if you are out of town and caring for a parent, or even in town and have too much on your plate, or perhaps your parent or loved one will not listen to you. A professional third party is a huge blessing in communication especially when advocating with doctors, nurses and health care facilites."

- Elizabeth M. -

"Proactive Health Advocates, and in particular, Sherri Miller, gave me comfort during a very challenging time in my life. She helped me understand medical diagnoses and lab results and answered my endless medical questions. She is resourceful and knows how to work in the healthcare system in order to get answers and to get things done in a professional and timely manner. I highly recommend her and Proactive Health Advocates."

- Carrie D. -

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