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Successes Stories

Navigating our healthcare system and achieving successful outcomes is a team effort. Our RNs partner with you, your family, and the members of your healthcare team.  It is this partnership that has allowed us to not only provide peace of mind to our clients, but also to improve client outcomes and achieve savings in the cost of care.

Client potential hospitalization averted when Proactive Health Advocates coordinates essential services during Covid-19 Assisted Living Facility lockdown.

When the assisted living facility sent out the notice that no visitors would be allowed in the facility except for essential personnel, and that residents could leave the facility only for a medical emergency, Proactive Health Advocates was there to help. Mr. L's doctor wanted blood to be drawn to check critical lab values that could affect the need for adjusting his medication. In addition, his doctor needed an ultrasound performed to check a condition that could potentially be deteriorating.  Because of the lockdown, Mr. L. was not allowed to leave the facility for either procedure. Through collaboration with the facility director and the doctor, Proactive Health Advocates facilitated having the blood work drawn and a mobile ultrasound performed at the facility. Both service providers were deemed essential personnel by the director as long as they agreed to adhere to the assisted living facility's safety measures. Based on the results of both procedures, the doctor was able to make adjustments to the client's plan of care, averting a potential hospitalization.

​Client's daughter thanks Proactive Health Advocates for "saving her mother's life"

Mrs. C. was in a rehab facility after having been through several hospitalizations for the same condition. Over the weekend, she complained of increasing fatigue and trouble breathing. Our RN Advocate consulted with the shift nurse and the Nurse Practitioner on call, who ordered several tests and adjusted her medications. The next day our RN Advocate visited Mrs. C. and assessed that her condition had worsened overnight. She asked the shift nurse to call the provider on call to advise her of the status change. The shift nurse called our RN Advocate to let her know that a doctor was covering that day and he had made several new changes to her medications. After hearing the new changes and asking the shift nurse multiple questions, our RN Advocate asked to speak to the doctor.   When the doctor and our RN Advocate discussed Mrs. C.'s medical history and the medications she had been on, the doctor was shocked and stated that the shift nurse had not given him all of that information. The doctor thanked our RN Advocate for asking that he call her and for providing him with the patient's medical history. He stated that based on the new, accurate information, the changes he had made to the medications were not the right ones, and that he wanted Mrs. C.  to be admitted to the hospital. Once admitted to the hospital, Mrs. C. was diagnosed with two potentially life-threatening conditions. The daughter told our RN Advocate several times that she is sure our attention to detail and advocacy had saved her mother's life.

​Emergency Room Doctor thanks Proactive Health Advocates for providing patient's medical records from another hospital, preventing duplicate testing, and enabling faster diagnosis and treatment

Prior to enlisting the advocacy services of Proactive Health Advocates, this patient had suffered a series of medical emergencies over a short period of time, landing him in the same emergency room each time. With each of these emergency room visits and subsequent admissions, multiple hospitalists and specialists saw him and ordered a multitude of tests, procedures, and medications before discharging him to rehab where he continued to struggle. When Proactive Health Advocates was asked to step in, our RN Advocate assessed the situation and in addition to collaborating with the patient and the healthcare providers, immediately obtained copies of his previous medical records to review and create a medical history summarization. When his condition started to deteriorate, our RN Advocate recommended he go to a different hospital emergency room where a new team of doctors could provide a new set of eyes on his medical problems. When our RN Advocate showed up at the emergency room with the summarization and copies of his previous medical records in hand, the emergency room doctor thanked her for saving his staff time in working to obtain the records from the other hospital and for providing valuable information that would speed their understanding of the client's medical conditions. The hospital medical team was able to determine the main causes of the patient's medical challenges and develop a plan of care that four months later had this patient stating he feels the best he has felt in the last 20 years.

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