How We Help

We Provide Peace of Mind

Clinical Advocacy

We Can:

  • Help you prepare for your healthcare appointments.

  • Attend your healthcare appointments with you, listen to your provider, take notes, and ask relevant questions.

  • Review with you what transpired during your appointment, explain anything that may not be clear, and provide you with a written summary for your reference.

  • Schedule your follow-up appointments or procedures.

  • Research treatment options and/or guide you in seeking a second opinion.

Care Coordination

We Can:

  • Make sure all of your healthcare providers have copies of your up-to-date medical information.

  • Keep family/others you choose updated on your health status and actions taken.

  • Make daily hospital visits to collaborate with you, your physicians, nurses and other providers, If you are hospitalized.

  • Meet you at the Emergency Room, when possible, to advocate for you and the care you receive.

Medical Paperwork and Bill Organization

We Can:

  • Continually update your medical history and medication summary in your Personal Health Binder as your information changes.

  • Match your medical bills to your insurance Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) making it easier to track and pay your payment responsibility.

  • Update your Personal Health Binder calendar with all of your upcoming appointment information.

Insurance Resolution

We Can:

  • Request your itemized hospital bills.

  • Review your medical bills and Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) for accuracy.

  • Handle insurance coverage disputes.

Speaking Engagements

We are available to present/speak to groups on a variety of topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Your Health - Your Safety: Protecting Yourself from Medical Errors

  • Safe & Sound in the Hospital: How to Get the Care You Want for the People You Love


  • Making Sense of Your Health Insurance

  • How to Maximize Your Health Insurance Benefits

  • Keeping Your Employees Focused During Healthcare Challenges

  • Growing Client Investments Through Healthcare Support

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What We DO NOT Do

We Do Not:

  • Provide hands-on clinical care.

  • Provide transportation to your appointments but we can help find transportation services for you.

  • Make medical decisions on your behalf.

How We Work Together

1. You contact us for a no cost, 20 minute initial consultation so that we can develop a high level understanding of your needs and determine how we can help you.


2. Next, we meet with to understand your in-depth healthcare concerns, needs, goals and diagnosis. We prefer to do this in-person so we will come to your location or we can arrange to meet at another convenient site.


3. Then, with your signed consent, we gather your pertinent medical records from your providers and review your care to date. We combine what we have learned from our in-depth discussion and review of your medical records to develop for you a Comprehensive Personal Assessment and Plan. You will be presented with a Personal Health Binder containing a summary of your health history, your Comprehensive Personal Assessment and Plan including prioritized recommended next steps with estimated hours to complete, and additional sections with helpful information. You then choose the amount of support you want.

4. If you are in immediate need of support, for example in the hospital, we discuss those immediate needs with you and what we will do to support you right away. During this time we will also be working to compile your Comprehensive Personal Assessment and Plan and Personal Health Binder as these are important components of our work with you.

5. An initial retainer for payment of services is required prior to services being rendered. We accept credit cards, bank transfers, bank or personal check, money order or cash. We provide you with a monthly accounting of services provided matched to hours spent so you know exactly what you have paid for.

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Proactive Health Advocates, LLC does not make medical, legal, accounting or financial decisions for clients. We do not provide medical care. If you need help with any of these services, please seek help from the appropriate professionals.

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