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Presenteeism: when your employees have to spend time at work coordinating medical care, trying to figure out medical bills, calling multiple doctors offices to schedule appointments or get copies of their medical records, or trying to figure out what providers they need to see or where to go for tests instead of focusing on their work.

In an April 2018 Forbes article titled The Price of Presenteeism, it was stated that "A year-long telephone survey of 29,000 working adults dubbed the “American Productivity Audit” calculated the cost of presenteeism in the U.S. to be more than $150 billion a year. Most studies confirm that presenteeism is far more costly than illness-related absenteeism or disability."

It can be challenging for employees to try to manage their health care needs or those of their child, their spouse, or their parents while working full-time. When your employees are worrying about health care or taking time on the job to negotiate with insurance companies, they are not able to fully focus on their work and their performance suffers.


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