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In-Person, Individualized, Professional Health Advocacy

When your employees are absent from work due to illness or injury, your business suffers from lost productivity and increased medical expenses, especially if you have a self-funded insurance plan. If your employees come to work when they are sick and are spending time scheduling medical appointments and tests, figuring out what medical provider(s) they need to see, or fighting with your insurance carrier, productivity again  suffers (presenteeism).  Absenteeism and Presenteeism cost employers productive time and dollars every year.

Distracted Employee

In an April 2018 Forbes article titled The Price of Presenteeism, it was stated that "A year-long telephone survey of 29,000 working adults dubbed the “American Productivity Audit” calculated the cost of presenteeism in the U.S. to be more than $150 billion a year.

You may have worked with a disease or care management company that uses telephonic coaching with your employees and found little success in employee engagement and even less success in decreasing costs. These companies usually charge a per member per month (pmpm) or per employee per month (pepm) fee which means you pay for services for employees who may never need help or just receive newsletters throughout the year that typically find their way right into the trash can.

Our In-Person Services and Fee Structure Yield Better Results

Instead of paying a pmpm, you only pay for services your employees actually need and receive.

  • We work with employees or their dependents with unstable chronic conditions to help them better manage their health and their healthcare, improving employee satisfaction and health, and decreasing costs.

  • We can immediately respond to and partner with employees or their dependents with a new diagnosis  to ensure they receive the best and most appropriate care from the start.

  • We can seamlessly integrate with your current benefit plan design.

  • We have experience reviewing claims data to identify opportunities for impactful interventions.

  • We can provide you with reports showing you the impact from our interventions.

  • You can purchase blocks of hours based on your estimated annual needs.

Call us Today to discuss how we can partner with you to increase your employees' engagement in their healthcare, resulting in higher employee satisfaction, improved health, and decreased medical costs!

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